• Gasoline & Diesel

    Let’s face it. Pumping fuel isn’t the most fun thing you can do. But at Morton’s our super fast pumps, extra wide lanes, and keep-the-smell-off-your-hands fueling gloves make filling up more pleasant.

  • Food & Drink

    You’re not going to find those hot dog roller things, or stale factory-made sandwiches in here. All of our grab-n-go food is made fresh, in house because you deserve better.

  • Diane's Diner

    The down home cooking at Diane’s Diner is sure to make you homesick for the good old days. Come in, sit back and enjoy fresh, honest to goodness food and Texas hospitality.

  • Rowdy’s Rest Stop

    Nothing is too good for man’s best friend. Your buddy needs a break too, so make sure and visit our doggie rest stop and play area, Rowdy’s Rest Stop. While you’re here, make sure to come inside for our homemade Rowdy Snax!