Our History

It all started twenty years ago, when we purchased a small mom and pop convenience store here in Hallettsville, Texas. We both have strong family roots in Hallettsville, so we decided to move here and make our home. Eventually, we sold the old store and started plans to build a new place from the ground up – a place that is much more than a convenience store. Come by Morton’s and see for yourself. Fuel up the big rig, gas up the car, or get a little fuel for yourself at Diane’s Diner.

Our Mission

We don’t need a fancy big business mission statement. We like to keep things simple, and our mission is simply to treat people the way we like to be treated. Obviously we didn’t make up this philosophy, but it seems to have worked well through the ages. Our motto is Food & Family Always! We want every guest to leave with a full stomach, a warm heart, and a smile on their face. Please stop by for a bite, to make a simple purchase, or to just say howdy!


Our greatest success has been serving you and our fine community. We love helping out in any way we can, whether its supporting a local business, helping out a fellow family in need, or just getting our hands dirty with a hard days work. It is has always been our hope and dream of giving back and with this new store we will be able to increase our help to more areas of our great community. If you have any suggestions, drop into the store and let us know!